Time to prepare for tick season

Those dreaded ticks will be out in full force this season.  The lack of substantial freezing temperatures allow the tick populations to increase.  We have an outstanding all natural product for the elimination of ticks.  For more info on the tick life cycle look here. Our first application for tick control is in May.  Contact Mosquito Squad to schedule this years applications.  Take back your yard!


Lyme disease awareness

Governor Lynch has declared May Lyme Disease Awareness Month.               Mosquito Squad has an outstanding organic tick control product.  Couple that with their highly effective and extremely safe barrier treatment program and you can just about eliminate ticks from your property.

Rain, rain, go away

Southern New Hampshire has received between 4.5 and 9 inches of rain over the last 2 days.  This type of rainfall will create the flood areas needed to allow some forms of mosquito eggs to hatch.  These eggs can go years before hatching.  If the correct (flood) conditions occur they are then able to complete that part of their life cycle.  Keep yourself, your pets, and your family protected.  Mosquito Squad has several ways of keeping mosquitoes away from your property.

The people have spoken

In Tuesday’s elections 6 towns in New Hampshire voted to have monies budgeted for mosquito control.  The most notable being Raymond, where a young girl was stricken with Eastern Equine Encephalitis last year. Mosquito Squad is now available in New Hampshire to help control mosquitos and ticks (lyme’s disease).

Planning an outdoor wedding?

Mosquito Squad of Southern NH is definitely someone to contact to make your outdoor wedding as comfortable as possible.  Their extremely safe registered products will keep your special day free of almost all flying biting insects.  Don’t let the mosquitoes and ticks bother you, your family, and your friends on the biggest day of your life!