Mosquito Season Is Coming Up

University of New Hampshire entomologists are predicting a banner year for mosquitoes.  Check out the entire article here. Call Mosquito Squad for safe and affordable mosquito control.


March Showers Bring April Mosquitoes!

The unusually rainy March will most likely increase mosquito populations this spring.  Areas that do not usually flood this late in March are staying plenty moist.  This will allow eggs in those areas a much better chance to survive.  Check out this article. Contact Mosquito Squad for season long protection!

Planning an outdoor wedding?

Mosquito Squad of Southern NH is definitely someone to contact to make your outdoor wedding as comfortable as possible.  Their extremely safe registered products will keep your special day free of almost all flying biting insects.  Don’t let the mosquitoes and ticks bother you, your family, and your friends on the biggest day of your life!